About us

We are a group of people in the East Midlands, UK,  who have an interest in Critical and Community Psychology.  Some, but not all, of us are Clinical Psychologists working in the NHS.  We have been meeting on and off since 2006, and started regular, regional meetings in 2010.  We meet bi-monthly in Nottingham, Leicester and Northampton.  At these meetings, we talk about projects we are involved with which have a Community or Critical Psychology flavour and we are able to get support from the group.  This is particularly helpful at times when we might find other environments hostile or indifferent to Critical and Community Psychology.  We are often invited to teach Clinical Psychology Trainees, so at these times, we may work together on the teaching packages.  We have also recently been experimenting with writing as a collective… hence the need for a website!


What is Community Psychology?

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